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-About Us

The Graff Kids idea came about in March of 2015.

What is a “Graff Kid”? basically anyone who does Graffiti. Any graffiti artist will tell you, how passionate they are about their art. For some it’s letter styles or writing styles, for others it’s characters. But we are all connected through this art form. It’s a lifestyle! And for many artists’, it’s the only thing that keeps them on a good path. So let’s support the Graff Kids who keep the art interesting and beautiful.

For the longest time i wanted to make my own character figure. When i was in high school, my best friend Ray and i, would go to this del taco spot down the street from my house. We would be there just chillin’ and drawing almost every day. We would even get hooked up with free food from this one manager that was really cool. That was our spot! Thats when our creative ideas really started flowing. We talked about many things we wanted to do with our art. We talked a lot about Graffiti, and stuff we wanted to do as artists’. One of the things i always wanted, was to create one of my characters as a figure. I eventually got into doing some designs for a small t-shirt company in the early 90’s, which lead to a career in designing for womens/mens apparel. But i still wanted to do my own thing, and so here i am showcasing my work through T-Shirts and whatever else i can make for people who follow me, people who know of me and just like minded individuals who like creativity and art. I hope you find something you like, and i look forward to keep making cool stuff for you guys.

Thanks for the support